Dec. 25th, 2014

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With how my courses transfered in, I was left with 5 holes in my common core before I can even touch the undergraduate capstone.  Then only 3 out of the possible 4 classes counted towards my major.  Biopsychology at Landmark was my level 200 science class while at MCLA, it was counted as a level 300 psychology course.  The two art history classes at Landmark counted for my core there, but filled only my major's requirements here, so I was left with a completely empty Human Heritage core.  Landmark's Life Drawing class wasn't quite equivalent to MCLA's classes, but at least Drawing I in VT is similar enough to Intro to Drawing in MA to count.

In the end for my core, I took Weather and Climate to finish off my science; Media, Self-Identity and Society to take care of some section of the core requirement whose name I don't remember, and Computing and Communication, the mandatory class for everyone where they want to make sure you can use Microsoft Office and think about technology in your life.  By random in the First Days program, when we were in smaller groups and rotating around to hear about balancing work/fun and such, one staff person mentioned it was possible to test out of Computing and Communication.  Except I was already registered for it back during summer orientation and no one was going to be free to do the testing until after the add/drop period.  And this school does a horrible job of bringing up that it's even possible to test out of it.  It's not mentioned alongside the CLEP or AP tests in the part of the academic catalog that brings up credit-by-exam.

For my major, I was in Introduction to Design and Introduction to Sculpture.

Which leaves me having to take care of two Human Heritage classes.  Since next semester, I can only take 3 classes for my major without running into scheduling conflicts, I'll be taking care of half of it with Animals in Literature.  I really wanted to just test out of it entirely with the US History I and II CLEP exams, but oh well.  Maybe I can do US History I duirng winter break.  Then the instant the undergraduate capstone class choices include the Berkshires, Arts, and Tourism as a subject, I can jump on it.

Unfortunately with how everything did or didn't transfer in, I'm left with more than a possiblity of spending more than 2 years here.  Especially since I'm taking a minor with arts management with my art major.  Unless I manage to find credit-bearing summer internships and/or intersession classes.

I live metro-Boston, friends might be able to help me find a couch in NYC, it's not impossible to rent summer housing from my school in North Adams, former roomie's family would let me crash in Minneapolis, and former Westover Job Corps roomie has a couch.  So if you see leads for summer internships in those areas, drop me a PM. 


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