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Fuck the website NextDoor.

They are one of the websites that will ". . .temporarily disabled your account until you can provide us with your real name and permission to update your account," (quote from a real customer service e-mail) even if you have already told them you are transgender. They have taken issue with me using RW as a first name (Rebecca/William.)

I hope they choke on my soft packer/penis into bankruptcy.
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Unless my request for an extension is approved, my voucher will expire Friday. Unfortunately I've had dead ends like, people who will initially contact me back, but when I answer their further questions, they drop off the face of the planet, even after I make an attempt to follow up. And if I do get my extension approved, the requirement to lease in place for a year means my ability to move in time for Fall 2017 at MCLA is negatively impaired.

In other news, I've helped my parents bag 22, 23 contractor's bags worth of trash.
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I hate apartment searching.


Jul. 22nd, 2016 02:56 pm
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Okay. So my parents finally are both taking action to clean the house, but they're doing so after they're at their slowest and the clutter is at its highest. I'm trying to help them bag as much trash as possible into contractor's bags so elder services can pick-up up to 40 bags at a time for up to 2 times. Though it's a bit overwhelming to be just 3 people dealing with this place.

Thursday I got a Section 8 voucher and have to move it or lose it. I also have one more year left of college so now I have to get an apartment in North Adams that's a 30-45 minute walk from my school or downtown. If for some reason you know that area, send me leads.

I'm finally going to get a phone with data (Pokemon Go broke me.) Any comments about customer service and price about any company I should know?
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Dear Christmas,

Please be over. I associate you with bad memories, the most recent of which involves finding out Monday that my short time frame to go from never hearing about my mom's cousin's existence to learning he was alive is already over and has been over since September. We never got to meet face-to-face and my mom will never have a face-to-face reunion now.

But the other times haven't been happy either so excuse me while I go read a book and ignore all the specials.


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So I had my vocab rehab meeting today and decided to come home after poking into the mall to look at pretty skating merchandise at Zumiez, one of the few reasons you can see me voluntarily stop in a mall if I happen to be in the area (but not as reason enough to journey to one.) Before I got into the mall, I was in conversation with a guy who recognized me from high school. I just managed to have a conversation without giving away that I don't remember him or most of the people we went to school with and never actually got to know people that well in the first place.

So victory on getting through a conversation. Weird feelings on anything connected with high school, the worst time of my life, even when I'm interacting with people who had nothing to do with why it was the worst time of my life.
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I'm finally at a point where my adviser and me can predict the semester I'll actually graduate. Spring 2017. The last class for the art major is Senior Project, but it's offered only in the Spring. I can't get enough level-300 and -400 classes done in time to graduate in Spring 2016. So it'll be Spring 2017 instead. The adviser was worried that I'd complete all other classes for art and my minor of arts management and be left without other classes to take, but I told her I've made back-up plans.

1. Take a semester break in the Fall and come back in the Spring. The options for this belongs in another list and the rest of this list have potential credits.

2. Take a second minor of Theatre.

3. Participate in one of the study abroad programs (Spring or Fall 2016), the National Semester Exchange (NSE) programs, or CAPS, the semester exchange program we have with the other state universities and colleges (except UMASS-Amherst.)

4. Co-ordinate a semester leave from MCLA (Spring or Fall 2016) and arrange a semester at a school that isn't part of the previously mentioned programs.

5. We have cross-registration with Berkshire Community College (BCC) and Williams, but the fact that I don't drive/am-car-less-on-campus-anyway makes scheduling MCLA and other classes normally difficult. Except if I didn't have any other MCLA requirements during the Fall semester, I could find out if I'm allowed to just happen to have everything cross-registered. Then I'd just be concerned about the first bus and walking combination of the day and the last bus and walking combination of the day that would get me to and from the right campus.

6. Get a credit-bearing internship (Spring or Fall 2016) and have the freedom to have it somewhere other than in my school's backyard. (Albeit still restricted by variables like whether housing is provided or if I have a connection to help me with a couch.)

7. Make a series of independent studies that culminate into a larger project. Like for example, a graphic novel. My adviser does bookbinding and printing, find someone to do writing for graphic novels, talk to my drawing teacher. . .

But in the short run, back to summer (a time of traveling, hitting people up, and an online course.)
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Something I don't understand. When you meet up with someone and you ask them what they've been up to and they mention, well I've been posting it to facebook. But this isn't the first time you've told them, I don't keep up with my feed.


May. 8th, 2015 12:14 am
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So on the 25th, MCLA's hosting the Live Out Loud Conference and it's the kind of thing organized by the Berkshire Area Health Education Centers (AHEC.)  In the, collecting demographic information for federal record keeping section of the online registration, I saw the usual race/ethnic categories.  Except white was white, white-advantaged, and white-disadvantaged.  First time I've seen white divided up like that on demographic questions for legal record keeping. 
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That moment when you realize you might be able to talk to your teacher about furries--for class.


Also, wandered into furs between a visit to my old school and one at my new school.
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For Animals in Lit class, we have to do things like, read the reading and write a response.  Any response that fits the theme of animals or nature.  What's been happening a lot is, I read, I stare at the work for several days, I e-mail the teacher, there's a lot of e-mails, and finally I have a topic.  Repeatedly.  So I'm with one of the school's tutors to get through the discussion to help me get a topic for the last readings.  But I'm frustrated.  I don't know why I can't come up with topics on my own. 
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So I'm doing great on grades and in the meanwhile, my former room mate dropped out.  I like my suite-mates, but we can only fill out the suite-mates request form if we have 6 people.  Right now it looks like we can only request to be placed near each other 'cause we're short.  I'll be roomies with one of my suite-mates, the one who writer's guild swears we should be in a buddy movie.  Another at least has a roomie to request.  Unfortunately person 5 is having trouble finding a roomie.  Thus why we're short.

I'm home this week for spring break.  Spent the first two nights at my aunt's place.  We started a pair of Franken-shorts (shorts made from the remains of dead pants) and dyed my hair blue.  Now I'm back at my parents' place.

Current problems, home computer's speakers don't work, but the headphones work.  The troubleshooter claims everything's ok.  It's not.


At least homework is draw and write a film response to Felidae.  Which I'll do in between taxes and self-study for US History I CLEP exam. 


Jan. 15th, 2015 05:48 pm
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So I disappeared to MN till 1/9 and been back for less than a week.  I so can't wait to get back to college and not be at my parent's place again.

In the meanwhile, I might have to deal with a different room mate.  Last semester's room mate didn't make the transfer smooth enough to avoid low grades.  The school says they sent an appeal form to his house and his mother says the letter never arrived.  Now they're dealing with the school and whether he can stay or not.  So if they can't get this smoothed over, I'll have to deal with room mate roulette. 
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I've been to MN and back.  Now I just want to veg.  Doing the LJ catch-up.  I still need to work to get to 12/5 on a chunk of y'alls journals.  Instead I'm working to the current day on a few people's posts 'cause I know most of the posts will be news they cared about.  Trying to have a clue about the world.

So. . .whether it's the news or general pop culture, is there anything you do to get a general idea about what the masses have been paying attention to?  With music, I've played the YouTube trending video list and with news I do Bing trending searches (at least until I've earned the maximum number of Bing points for the day.)

Not always having a clue produces situations like, I say I haven't seen or heard of movie x over so many movies that my current college room mate exclaimed, "OMG <<offline name redacted>>!  Accept the social contract and see some of these movies."  Or a few people asking me, "How have you not seen The Hunger Games?" 
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. . .is the same as my LJ name.  If you need an invite, PM me your e-mail.  If you're there, you now know how to track me down. 
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With how my courses transfered in, I was left with 5 holes in my common core before I can even touch the undergraduate capstone.  Then only 3 out of the possible 4 classes counted towards my major.  Biopsychology at Landmark was my level 200 science class while at MCLA, it was counted as a level 300 psychology course.  The two art history classes at Landmark counted for my core there, but filled only my major's requirements here, so I was left with a completely empty Human Heritage core.  Landmark's Life Drawing class wasn't quite equivalent to MCLA's classes, but at least Drawing I in VT is similar enough to Intro to Drawing in MA to count.

In the end for my core, I took Weather and Climate to finish off my science; Media, Self-Identity and Society to take care of some section of the core requirement whose name I don't remember, and Computing and Communication, the mandatory class for everyone where they want to make sure you can use Microsoft Office and think about technology in your life.  By random in the First Days program, when we were in smaller groups and rotating around to hear about balancing work/fun and such, one staff person mentioned it was possible to test out of Computing and Communication.  Except I was already registered for it back during summer orientation and no one was going to be free to do the testing until after the add/drop period.  And this school does a horrible job of bringing up that it's even possible to test out of it.  It's not mentioned alongside the CLEP or AP tests in the part of the academic catalog that brings up credit-by-exam.

For my major, I was in Introduction to Design and Introduction to Sculpture.

Which leaves me having to take care of two Human Heritage classes.  Since next semester, I can only take 3 classes for my major without running into scheduling conflicts, I'll be taking care of half of it with Animals in Literature.  I really wanted to just test out of it entirely with the US History I and II CLEP exams, but oh well.  Maybe I can do US History I duirng winter break.  Then the instant the undergraduate capstone class choices include the Berkshires, Arts, and Tourism as a subject, I can jump on it.

Unfortunately with how everything did or didn't transfer in, I'm left with more than a possiblity of spending more than 2 years here.  Especially since I'm taking a minor with arts management with my art major.  Unless I manage to find credit-bearing summer internships and/or intersession classes.

I live metro-Boston, friends might be able to help me find a couch in NYC, it's not impossible to rent summer housing from my school in North Adams, former roomie's family would let me crash in Minneapolis, and former Westover Job Corps roomie has a couch.  So if you see leads for summer internships in those areas, drop me a PM. 
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I'll do another first semester at a new school entry later.  Right now I'm working on getting caught up to 12/5 on everyone's journals.

But first something I posted in fb and feel like sharing with LJ.  Someone needs to do a goth cover of TLC's "What About Your Friends?"  You know it has to happen.


Every now and then I get a little crazy
That's not the way it's supposed to be
Sometimes my vision is a little hazy
I can't tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me (yeah)

People try to say I act a little funny
But that's just a figure of speech to me
They tell me I changed because I got money
But if you were there before then you're still down with me

What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you

Well is it me or can it be I'm a little too
Friendly so to speak hypothetically
Say I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy

Every now and then I get a little easy
I let a lot of people depend on me
I never though they would ever deceive me
Don't you know when times got rough I was standing on my own
I'll never let another get that close to me
You see I've grown a lot smarter now
Sometimes you have to choose and then you'll see
If your friends is true they'll be there with you
Through the thick and thin


Yo is it me, is it me or can it be I am a little too friendly
So to speak hypothetically
'Cause I supply creativity to what others
Must take as a form of self-hate
Only to make an enemy
Which results in unfortunate destiny
They dog me out then be next to me
Just cause I am what some choose to envy


People say I act a little funny
I wouldn't change not for no money
I'll be a friend as long as you're a friend to me (yeah, yeah)
Even though I might seem easy
It don't give you no cause to deceive me
It's not the way that I want my friends to ever be


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The semester started with a "First Days" program where we went through various things that were supposed to acclimate us to campus and introduce us to our incoming classmates.  What I really remember is the event where we all had to meet in the gym, there was a DJ, and a bunch of running around, like look for someone wearing the same color shirt or run across the gym if you've ever done x.  Only really interesting event was when we had to do a massive scissors, paper, rock, competition and follow whoever we lost to as a posse till there were only two people to go on stage and compete.  Afterwards I commented to the director of student activities about how I can see how the event would be hell on anyone with sensory integration issues involving sound and had to tell her no one told me it was possible to sit out of it.  (Fortunately for me it's in the category of, an activity that's not really going to let me to get to know people, but a thing that would be over soon enough.)

Other thing I remember is we split into smaller groups that had to rotate through various rooms and talk about trying to balance school and fun life and various other sundry things.  One of them was about addressing professors and others through e-mail.  The woman had examples of bad ways to start e-mails and had us try to say what was wrong with it before telling us better ways to start.  One of them was "Hey Everyone" and she asked who was being excluded.  I said, everyone not included in the to field, but the reaction back was awkward enough that I don't think that was the answer she expected.  So I've been a bit confused ever since about who's being excluded other than everyone not in the to field.  Unless it's one of those, people mean the inverse of what they say, things.  After the presentation, I was just really glad that I start initial e-mails real formal and then step-down as necessary.

During the first days program is when I might have started to notice the Parlor Cafe and that they have shows.  Lots and lots of shows.  They kept me initially occupied during the beginning of the school before clubs and homework started ramping up. 
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