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Doing It Yourself In Stumptown: Resources for making your own zines, posters, & other self-published goodies in the Portland area, with information on local events, classes, bookstores, comics shops, craft printers, publishers & libraries.

Wright, Rustin (ed.)

A Streetcar Press zine.

It was in the DIY section of the Papercut Zine Library, but since it has listings of stores, my mind wants to treat this as a travel guide and I want a copy for myself so bad. It's just so dense and all about the zines. I want! I want! (And an extended stay in Portland.)
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comic books, not compiled into book form

The Walking Dead #92.  I found it while walking Harvard Square one wet night.  Then went to J.P. Licks and read it with a kiddie cookie dough cone.  The zombie story isn't enough of a draw to actively search for it. 


Lilt zine #1, February 2012

I honestly don't remember much.  It had a Valentine's theme and instructions for how to color cards with the help of gelatin. 

People of the Hill #1

Yeah, I remember that's from Allston, like Lilt, but not much more and I've already given it to the Papercut Zine Library. 

Sex Chat #2

Which is from Providence, RI and there are some non-sex graphics.  The writers have their phone numbers listed and identified only as male-voice and female-voiced. There's a transcript of a chat with one of the guys and it's a little bit humorous. 

Wanting to Be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns Into Cultural Theft by Myke Johnson

About things like how Native American religions are systems of practice and community to live-by and not a set of beliefs so the commodification of practices, like of sweat logdges, are rather destructive to tradition. 


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