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Tuesday night and nearing ten, a male staff member knocks on my room mate's and my door.  Apparently all the beds in the dorm have to be placed the same way and we have to move the beds.  He then proceeds to stand there.  I ask him if he needs to watch us and my room mate makes a statement that she does not want him to be an unattended male staff member standing in her room.  His response to her is to say, "The door's open." 

She ends-up being the one to call the female R.A. to our room.  During the male's and her argument, she tells him if he doesn't get out of her room by the count of ten, she's going to call her mother.  His response is to count to 10, skipping numbers. 

Eventually it gets settled that the R.A. will take over and he leaves. 
Wednesday after the training day, the room mate and myself go ask for advice from the CSIO (Center Standards and Incentives Officer.)  He has us go to the Community Living Director. 

The good news is that she says she'll arrange a mediation and the other good news is that she's not going to be the third party.  Here's why I'm glad she isn't going to be the third party. 

As the room mate is telling of her past conflicts with the guy and what happened, the Director in question says comments like how the dorms have been under better control since he got there; nevermind that doesn't change the fact that we just had a negative incident with him.  She says a bit about his position and how it requires him to be in the dorms sometimes; nevermind that he didn't address my room mate's concern that he was unattended which immediately escalated the situation and made me feel threatened.  How my room mate needs to check her temper and respect him; nevermind I don't see how my room mate is expected to hold esteem for the guy when she doesn't see anything to have esteem for in him. 

The Director asks me if I've ever had conflict with him in the past and the answer ends-up no, but the incident showed me bad of him. 

Somehow the director ventured a comment that I may have issues with males and maybe I could talk to someone about them.  Some of my closest friends are males.  (Hi hellsop.) 

So now I'm waiting for this mediation to happen. 


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