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So last weekend, I sent the boyfriend my schedule via e-mail and we agree to meet on my first day-off on Tuesday.  The e-mailed schedule mentioned my film meet-up at six, but he had to leave for commuter rail connections at a time to make attending all of it impossible.  He asks me a few times if I'd like to go back to his parents' house in suburban Lowell and asks me if I'm sure (right on Tuesday evening itself.)  (I've already RSVPed yes and it's a group of people that are not the Pit that I have only semi-occasional contact with due to chaotic work scheduling.) 

Back on Tuesday, he mentioned that if he can arrange for a place for us to crash, that we could possibly go to Xmortis together (which was written on the e-mailed schedule.)  So I meet him on Friday and that's when he calls our possible connection.  Unfortunately the guy already crashing there is a sex offender and the idea of crashing there at the same time doesn't appeal to us both when we know the guy is still a sketchy person in general (aka, definitely not reformed.)  The boyfriend asks me a few times if I'd like to go back to his parents' house, but I say no.  (It would have been nice to determine that we don't have crash space earlier in the week so there would have been a chance for one of us to find an alternate activity or at the very least, give me a chance to grab my DVDs before going to his parents' house.) 

Unfortunately the realization that I definitely developed an odor over the day at a time too late to go bathe and then come back-out to get the beginning of Xmortis came upon me.  *sigh*


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