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The semester started with a "First Days" program where we went through various things that were supposed to acclimate us to campus and introduce us to our incoming classmates.  What I really remember is the event where we all had to meet in the gym, there was a DJ, and a bunch of running around, like look for someone wearing the same color shirt or run across the gym if you've ever done x.  Only really interesting event was when we had to do a massive scissors, paper, rock, competition and follow whoever we lost to as a posse till there were only two people to go on stage and compete.  Afterwards I commented to the director of student activities about how I can see how the event would be hell on anyone with sensory integration issues involving sound and had to tell her no one told me it was possible to sit out of it.  (Fortunately for me it's in the category of, an activity that's not really going to let me to get to know people, but a thing that would be over soon enough.)

Other thing I remember is we split into smaller groups that had to rotate through various rooms and talk about trying to balance school and fun life and various other sundry things.  One of them was about addressing professors and others through e-mail.  The woman had examples of bad ways to start e-mails and had us try to say what was wrong with it before telling us better ways to start.  One of them was "Hey Everyone" and she asked who was being excluded.  I said, everyone not included in the to field, but the reaction back was awkward enough that I don't think that was the answer she expected.  So I've been a bit confused ever since about who's being excluded other than everyone not in the to field.  Unless it's one of those, people mean the inverse of what they say, things.  After the presentation, I was just really glad that I start initial e-mails real formal and then step-down as necessary.

During the first days program is when I might have started to notice the Parlor Cafe and that they have shows.  Lots and lots of shows.  They kept me initially occupied during the beginning of the school before clubs and homework started ramping up. 
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